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The Company

One of the key points of the new organization was the creation of a laboratory for the study and qualitative research of new products and new shades of color with technicians who create and develop new ideas and new effects. This has allowed the sales network, composed of 35 agents, to take advantage of a complete sample and always evolving, allowing also point to an expansion in key European markets including Germany, France, Austria, Korea is especially prominent.
Today Tropical Lane (which is based in Via C. Pavese 7 Cerasolo Coriano) has focused heavily on stock-Service, the most modern form of collaboration between company and customer, which allows stores not to shoulder most enormous cost of running warehouse, the latter being able to exploit the rapid replenishment of the service. In another warehouse of 1,300 sqm is the storage of stocks, while the original site, which has 1,500 square meters, shipments are made, then trying to make the speed and quality in shipping weapons to the best of the articles of the company. To date there are 5238 shops in the market well distributed throughout the yarn Italy Tropical Lane.

1976 - 2016: 40 years of success

2016 is an important year for Tropical Lane, because of the forty years since the birth of our company. Numerose le attività che proseguono sul solco tracciato dai fondatori e con una serie di iniziative e Numerous activities are continuing on the path traced by the founders and a number of initiatives and competitions with which to celebrate with you this wonderful anniversary.
Tropical Lane, reached its 40th year of life, it is still trying to improve themselves by taking the decision to renew its website. The site has been developed to allow the company to have another point of contact with the people, in particular to have a direct line to the new customers, interested both yarns both new traders who want to have information about one of the most important company in Italy in the trade of yarns. It is available an email address (info@tropicallane.it) that allows anyone to communicate with Tropical Lane for any information both of a general nature (such as the location of stores in Italy) and of a specific nature (ie specific products sold by the company: such as wool, cotton, yarn and sewing accessories).