One of the key points of the new organization was the creation of a laboratory for the study and qualitative research of new products and new shades of color with technicians who create and develop new ideas and new effects.

This has allowed the sales network, composed of 35 agents, to take advantage of a complete sample and always evolving, allowing also point to an expansion in key European markets including Germany, France, Austria is especially prominent.

Today Tropical Lane (which is based in Via C. Pavese 7 Cerasolo Coriano) has focused heavily on stock-Service, the most modern form of collaboration between company and customer, which allows stores not to shoulder most enormous cost of running warehouse, the latter being able to exploit the rapid replenishment of the service.

The Tropical Lane is a young tradition of managerial skill born of four agents of the knitting industry, which Based on their long experience, decided to unite and create their own line of yarns.

It was born in the spring of 1984 Tropical Lane acquisition by a fee of an important group ofBiella knitting industry, quickly followed by a similar operation with an industry specialist in the cotton industry in Lombardy.

Since 1987 the industry suffered a sharp decline dell'aguglieria interest coincided with a period of vast economic problems across the country. This economic crisis has led to a painfulbut inevitable selection of shops, activities, people and companies in the industry, decimatedoutputs from the first years of economic and forced to run for cover to overcome the difficult period.

In the early 2000, in response to the market constantly growing and that required new and trendy items, was introduced the new line of fashion accessories, called "La Sciarperia" offering products of the highest quality and always fashionable, designed and cared for by the company itself.

The new line made by Tropical Lane offers gloves made of leather, wool and microfibre; capes, ponchos, scarves, collars, shawls and clothing produced in Italy, using the finest raw materials, such as pure wool and cashmere. In samples it is also caps, berets, hats made of wool, felt and waterproof. Finally, to complete the wide range of accessories are also offered stoles and scarves "light" made in modal, silk and polyester with always new prints and colors shown for the summer season.

The accessories line of Tropical Lane is renewed every year to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding customers, and it is just for this reason that it was introduced a department of research and development to bring new and attractive ideas.

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